In their book, Lets Get Real or Let’s Not Play, Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig introduce the idea that in order to become successful as a sales professional, you must first focus on the success of your clients.

By doing this you will:

• Create new business opportunities from scratch in a way all parties can feel good about.
• Structure the conversation to truly understand a client’s real needs and build trust.
• Engage people in honest dialogue by asking hard questions in a soft way, then listening.
• Close the deal by opening minds.
• Grow business.

Above all, you will learn the power of “getting real,” which the authors define as being authentic, saying exactly what you mean, and acting on your values. Getting real means challenging lazy thinking and penetrating facades, games, defenses, fears, and illusions. It’s the best way to build rewarding, productive business relationships and to deliver consistently better results.